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What Nintendo Did Wrong


(I am not beefing Nintendo in this article.  I loved the n64 but it just didn't work out.)

Nintendo has had some successes in the past and some failures.  We're gonna focus on their most recent failure and how they can change it with their release of the NGC.   

Released 4 years after the SNES, when gaming was not at it's critical (close but not yet) N64 was destined for doom.  A hard to develop for platform and still using cartridges most developers headed to the easier-to-develop for Sony Playstation.  After losing the world largest 3rd party developer EA, and also losing Squaresoft (man were they pissed when Nintendo used cartridges again)  Nintendo was not in a good position.  Sport titles, the most popular genre of video gaming.  Not having any major based sports titles to start off a system is a horrific thing to do and will certainly make that system lose a lot of money. 

Nintendo also hadn't advertised enough.  I mean they advertised plenty but compared to Sony it was nothing.  They hadn't created a hype about their next-gen system while Sony was everywhere promoting PS.  The N64 was mildly popular in Japan and was a success in USA but not as much as PS.  

Both systems had received an upgrade and one worked but the other unfortunately didn't.  When PS2 and the Dolphin were first announced most people stopped getting N64 and PS to save up for the next-gen systems.  Nintendo brought out its "secret weapon" the 64DD.  Never brought over to the US and failing in Japan the 64DD production was put to a stop.

Sony's idea?  To create a portable PS. THE PS1.  This was a major move for Sony.  When PS sales were lowering daily (cause of the news of PS2) the release of the PS1 boosted them back up again.  It was a great idea and only if it wasn't Sony that thought of it.


(again, this article was not to diss Nintendo. If it was why would i have a site all about the Gamecube)







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