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The Simpson's Road Rage


I know you've wanted to drive otto's bus or homers old, old (don't know make or model) old car in New York.  Well here's your chance.

screenshot 1

(otto's bus and crusty's clown car)


Boasting over 25 Simpson's characters to drive around town, 5 Springfield neighborhoods, and 100!!!!!! unique and special Simpson land marks this is gonna be one heck of a ride. 

MR. BURNS has bought the Springfield Transit Co. and raises the fares on the buses and railroads.  As an added bonus MR. BURNS has also contaminated  the buses with a cancer inducing virus.With nobody wanting to die a painful death it's up to a wide range of Springfield homo-sapiens to get people to where they gotta go.  You supposedly gotta make lots of money to buy back the Transit Co. before time runs out.  So you're thinkin "It's just crazy taxi but witha rip-off trademark in the middle."  That's where you're wrong.  If this right here sounds like Crazy Taxi shoot me.

Over 25 springfield characters to control. and... wait ... don't take out that shotgun...  when you're not controlling one of the characters you will be able to pick them up and a cast of more characters

So this might be a crazy taxi imitation

jumps, powerslides, speed starts, and a hand (arrow) directing you of where to go

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man... u... weren' shoot me 


You've all played crazy taxi, right.  Well i'm not sure but i'm guessing it will play like that but with a wider range of characters and vehicles.


This game is gonna be down right fun.  It might seem and look like crazy taxi but with a Simpson's trademark you know you won't be able to resist the humor.  I'm also guessing that Radical Entertainment will be addding in weapons to thwart other opposing "taxi" drivers.

screenshot 1

(2 player action!?! this game is da bomb)






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