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How Nintendo Can Succeed With the American Launch of Gamecube



Sony had done an excellent job creating a hype about their PS2.  Ads in magazines, the PS9 commercials (lame but they did the job), and promotions everywhere.  With a little lying Sony had definitely created a hype about their Next-Gen system.  That's what Nintendo needs to do to with the Gamecube.

While stores in Japan were promoting the Gamecube as hard as they could, there wasn't much excitement revolving around it.  Maybe that's what Nintendo wanted.  Who knows.  Maybe that didn't want to have a shortage of systems like Sony. 

My theory; Nintendo will really start pushing the Gamecube when systems are abundant and there won't be any shortages to burst people's bubbles.

I have barely seen any advertising by Nintendo.  So far I have only seen an ad advertisement in one magazine, EGM.  Cartoon Network is trying to promote the NGC seeing as Nintendo is promoting their Toonami Lockdown with wonderful Gamecube prizes.  The only Gamecube commercial on air isn't even a commercial.  It's like a 10 second promo displaying the 'cube and its motto "Born To Play".  A small ad on the Toonami site shows a Pikmin and the Gamecube Nintendo.  There are also little ads in the newer GBA's.

XBox is also trying to create a hype like Sony.  Ads in every game store, magazine, and across the web XBox is hitting it pretty good.

The Casual Gamer- The Key to Success

Now this is where Nintendo excels.  The casual gamer makes up almost the whole video game industry.  Most people think that the 2 week knockout of the Gamecube launch in America is going to throw Nintendo off course.  I'm not sure what they mean cause the casual gamer doesn't even know that XBox is coming out before the cube.  They don't even know the launch dates.  I mean this is what's mostly gonna happen to a casual gamer if they happen to walk into Toys' r ' Us on November 13, 2 days after the XBox launch;

Casual Gamer: Um Hi. 

Toys' r 'Us employee: Hello

Gamer: Hmm. I'm looking to buy another game system.  Are there any new ones.

emp: yes. the XBOX came out two days ago. It has an excellent range of games and awesome graphics.

Gamer: Interesting. Price?

emp: $500.  We only sell in bundles.

Gamer: Is there anything a little cheaper?

emp: Well Gamecube comes out in 5 days. it's only $200.

Gamer: That's more in my range.  i'll come back in a week.

emp: Thanks

You see most people will go for a cheaper system.  Esp. the kids under 16 who's parent pay for the systems.

A casual gamer walks into an EB on November 25;

gamer (thinks): Wow look at these sweet systems.  One's purple, ones shaped like an x.  I like the x one. Whoa. $300. The cube one's more affordable. And it's made by nintendo. i love that mario dude.

You see most casual gamers will go for the cheaper system not the one that comes out first and that's the NGC .


Nintendo's Position?

Those two things, advertising and the casual gamer can make or break a system.  Now Nintendo is in a fairly good position with the casual gamers.  But they still need to advertise to tell people that they actually have a system coming out.  Also the informed gamer (not diehard but informed) won't really care about an extra 100.  They just want the better system.  So Nintendo has to prove that they have the better games and the better system (which they do) to not just the diehard fans (like you and me) but to everyone.







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