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      Well the Gamecube doesn't come out until late October/early November time.  right now, its mid October, and before we go ahead and buy the Gamecube, let's look at the Nintendo 64, the last cartridge system that has to be used with a TV.  fast forward to the point.  allow me to talk about the games we've grown to know and love over these past 5 years.

First Person Shooters

This is it.  The video game genre that politicians love to hate.  However,  all this does is give FPS games a bad name, not a bad rating.  here are some of the best FPS's on the N64

Goldeneye 007

      This, in my opinion, is the game that started it.  Rare took the full advantage of the right to make a James Bond game.  how is this so good?  well the Story Mode was going from easy to hard, or just to hard, depending on the difficulty level you choose.  As it got harder,  AI became smarter, dodging your lead, and firing back so cunningly that it sometimes made me feel dumb.  The game's other strong point: multiplayer.  with so many modes (hold the flag, regular dueling, you only live twice), it was hard to choose.  however, in the end, multiplayer provided a great experience for everyone.  Snazzy graphics make this game one of the most graphically talented games on the N.  The tunes resemble the movie, and also have the main 007 theme.  Controls were easy to learn, although i had some trouble opening some doors at the beginning, and you can expect this game to be fun.  I loved this game, and so will you.

Perfect Dark
      Rare came back to make this up-to date Goldeneye game.  all you do is just a few minor adjustments.  add some new multiplayer modes, new guns,  add 33 or so years, and give James breasts :-).  Perfect Dark is more than just a minor update of 007.  it's a masterpiece of its own.  My favorite aspect of this game is the multiplayer mode.  it has endless possibilities for weapons, music, character looks, and more.  after that,  choose a level.  but before that, for the heck of it, add some AI to make more enemies.  how about a new scenario?  will it be data uplink?  no maybe hold the briefcase?  no no no put in a remote mine.  just get to play though.  if you can get your hands on this M-rated game, great.  just remember to get an expansion pack though, otherwise you can't enjoy about 90% of these great features.  and also, look for a PD sequel on the horizon for around q2 maybe q3 2002.

Honorable Mentions

007: the world is not enough
EA came to do this project, and for not being Rare, they actually did a pretty good job.  Missions are challenging, weapons are okay, but this game is only okay, not amazing.
Doom 64
the game that started the whole genre is also on the n64.  however, i am trying to avoid most games that are just remakes.
Jet Force Gemini
Let's give a hand to Rare for blessing us with not one, not two, but THREE (maybe even more) FPS games.  however, why isn't this game so great?  not that it's horrible, but these are FIRST person shooters.  otherwise, this game is bug-blasting fun.

Role-Playing Games

      After losing Square circa 1995, Nintendo didn't have many good RPGs, Square's specialty.  However, that doesn't mean that Nintendo didn't do bad with their tries (how's that for an oxy-moron?).

Paper Mario
Time to save Peach from that paper shredder up there in the castle!  PM was easy (i breezed through the game in about a week).  However,  i didn't complete the game 100%.  I'm still working on it, although there is much to be done.  learn all of Tayce T.'s recipes, recover all of the star pieces,  get all of the badges, and more.  At first I looked at this game, and i thought, "whoa...  its a guy in overalls that looks like Mario that's made of toilet paper!!!"  okay maybe not, but the game's unique graphics and classic music brings back memories of the 80's.  oh well.  the control scheme was easy to learn, and even the game is fun.  this is more than just 3D Mario flattened.  this is the sequel to the immortal Super Mario RPG!!!
Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2
      ok.  believe it or not, one of the most annoying franchises out there is a role-playing game...  that's good.  yeah sure.  not many people out there agree with me, but it's sooo true.  Stadium's music may be annoying with constant cries of "Pikachu" or "Char Char", but beneath all this super corny stuff lies an epic journey... well maybe not, but the real fun lies in breeding your pokemon and helping them learn new moves.  while stadium isn't 100% a pokemon game of its own, it's still fun for a while.
Honorable Mention
Starcraft 64
i heard that this game was good on the pc.  however, if you want hardcore starcraft action, buy it for the pc (the n64 version has only 3 missions per race and costs about $20 more)


      Kick.  Punch.  Throw.  Knockout.  seem fun?  well get used to it.  Fighting games can be fun if you play them correctly.

     Super Smash Brothers

      Woohoo!  this game was one of the best multiplayer games on the n.  How?  Unlike your average fighting game, you actually don't have energy bars.  just a damage percentage.  and weapons.  this game was so great, i can't put it into words, but i'll try.  the graphics aren't great, with a strange mix of 2D and 3D, but... each character has at least one music soundtrack that fits their game.  the controls are sooo easy.  just about 4 or so buttons used to attack, and there are other features that are easy to learn.  its been about 2 years since the game was released, and get this: its still great.  look out for the sequel on the g3.  its gonna be great.

WWF No Mercy

      WWF.  i used to love it.  until it got so boring that i was only interested in watching the female matches for their crazy antics to kick the crap outta each other (i also keep a mental "bounce meter" :)).  however, the game is still full of glory.  i still play it.  graphics are a bit choppy, otherwise great.  There are still no voice-overs, which, like some WWF fans, makes me unhappy, and the music track is a bit crappy in-game.  but, the area where the game really shines is the controls.  just like every wrestling game that THQ has done, you move around with the D-pad, taunt with the joystick, C- down makes you run, etc...  There is a larger roster too, plus the ability to find hidden characters and create characters.  in other words, more moves, more wrestlers, and more fun.  at least the game isn't fake...
Honorable Mentions
WWF Wrestlemania 2000
This game didn't quite have the roster or graphics or anything else that NM had.  however, there was the cool Create a Belt mode and an okay amount of matches and modes.
Fighter's Destiny 2
I played this game, and it was okay.  maybe not great, but fights are too short, and some modes are crappy.  maybe i should've put this up on the worst games, but okay.

Puzzle games

      Tetris, Tetris Attack, we've all had our share.  however, most of the puzzle games on the N64 are remakes of classics.  for example, Pokemon Puzzle League (remake of the SNES Tetris Attack), Bust a Move 2 (remake of Bust a move in the arcades), and Namco Museum 64 (Pac- Man and co are all from 80's arcades) were all remakes.  However...


... we've got this lil bugger as a new puzzle game.  The point of the game is to get the little cursor on the right shape (feel free to move around some shapes) to get at least a combo of 2.  otherwise you hear that noise that sounds like someone letting out a huge fart and one of your hearts turns into a skull :(.  3 skulls= game over.  this game could take awhile to finish one sphere, but it's worth it.  graphics are as best of 3D as you could get with a puzzle game.  Music is strange, but you can always mute the TV of course.  controls are easy to learn with a tutorial system, and there were some good amount of cheats with this game.  hurt your brain with this one.
      All puzzle games are great, so if you are thinking of a puzzle game that i haven't mentioned, they're all on the honor list.


      This is where Nintendo succeeds  they have released so many adventure games, i can't even count.  however, i'll try.

Super Mario 64

      This game was one of the first games made on the N.  and in fact, i know some people that still play this classic.  The graphics are still a bit dated, though some of the best on the system.  Music got a bit repetitive, but that's ok because the gameplay rocks.  i liked surfing on the koopa shell simply cause it's amusing.  get ready to have some fun.  while mario's control may be confusing, it gets easier later.  an old classic can still be new if you keep it that way.

Banjo- Kazooie games

      Rare's recent game, "Conker's Bad Fur Day" is sorta like these games.  in the mischief way.  although, in BK, you don't have strippers taking it off every which way you look, and you don't have blood and gore that simply "disappears".  The levels are huge, and there's a whole ton of replay ability with these babies.  The graphics are superb, and the music is great, with the exception of everyone speaking with simple "Blurble blurble... blurble blurble".  Annoying as hell, i know.  The controls are the same for both games, although some more moves in BK2 (hint: BK2's controls are great) fit in.  Gameplay is replayable, and sorta like BK1 with a bunch of secrets flying around.  How can a bird fit in a backpack anyway?

Donkey Kong 64

      Donkey and Diddy are back with Candy, Cranky, Funky, and 3 new members of the Kong family (sorry, Dixie and Kiddy Kong aren't here now).  Their names are Tiny, Lanky, and Chunky, and do they add some spunk to the scene.  K Rool is back to terrorize Kong Island, so what do our Kong heroes do?  they go on a huge search to find him and get him outta there.  With the Expansion Pack as mandatory, you can expect great graphics from this.  And true as it is, it's true.  The music seems like its a mix of hip hop and DK music.  Very strange.  Controls are easy to learn, and the gameplay is wonderful.  Swing from trees and be excited.  DK... Donkey Kong...

Zelda Games (Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask)

      Both games... Gold cartridges.  That probably means that the games are special.  And they are.  Graphics... best I've seen on the system.  Music... most of the tunes are from previous Zelda games, although, strangely it never gets annoying and repetitive.  Heh.  Controls are pretty much the same for both games, and the game shows you the controls and how to use them.  Gameplay is so good its hard to compare.  The new Zelda game coming out on the Gamecube is supposed to be cell- shaded.  Let's hope that it's as good as these two.
Honorable Mentions
Mischief Makers
      One of the only side scrollers on the N64, this game was pretty good.  however, I quickly got annoyed of the constant "Shake Shake" sounds that the lead made.
Yoshi's Story
      Yoshi!  The lil' dino comes back to star in his own game.  Gameplay was great, but the game itself was too short.


      D'oh!  I hate racing!  I hate racing (bangs head on keyboard)!  I hate racing games!  Oh well.  It's a genre, and there's no denying that.

Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy and a bunch of strange individuals go on a quest to defeat Wizpig (lol).  This game has racing bosses and other strange features, such as weapons and boosts and other things that make it just like...

Mario Kart 64

... This game.  The old roster returns, with Wario instead of Koopa.  And 3D graphics.  Which make the cut.  Music is okay, although strange.  Control is average.  Gameplay is okay.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Honorable Mentions
None that I can think of.  Maybe later.  Or just email me.
      Well that's it.  This project is closed.  See you next time readers.
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