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Super Smash Bros Melee


Well what can i say?  Being one of nintendo 64's most memorable (and money making) titles it's obvious there'd be a sequel on the highly anticipated Gamecube.

(i'm innocent) 


If you're a fan of the original super smash bros. (I know you are) than you'll be happy to know the story hasn't changed one bit.  It still pits a whole hekka lot nintendo mascots against each other for a fight to the death (or ring-out in every case).  The only thing that has changed is the single player mode.  Instead of having one stage with a bunch of the fighters that relate to it it's basically a whole level.

For example, take link's level for instance.  Instead of fighting a couple of links like the original you go through the level slashing "redeads" and octorocks and throughout the stage fight different colored links in an arena.

(look at me. i'm bowser. kick-in yoshis ash.)


The multi-player mode.  Thank g-d it hasn't changed (some say thank g-d. some say change it!!!).  If you've never played the original game and never owned a n64... leave this site... (no I'm kidding. I'll tell you what's all about... newbie).  For those that have played you can skip this next paragraph.

In the multi-player experience (it's that great) you choose one of the many nintendo mascots (so do your friends) and then choose a course.  Is that hard or something? 

You see that was for the original but hal (the development team) has added a few more twists to the plot.  They've added a couple new modes and made additions to a few old ones.

(go PEACH. look at links bow and arrow attack!)

Melee Mode

Melee is the classic free for all.  Have 1 on 1 on 1 on 1 or mix the game up with computer opponents.  You can set the game to have to win with stock, time, or come together into teams.  It's basically a free for all deathmatch.

Now hal has added a few different playment options to the melee mode.  Coin mode and decision mode.  Coin mode is just trying to beat your opponents out of the way to collect the cash falling from the sky.  Decision mode is tad harder than what you're probably used to.  It basically focuses on points.  The way to get points is by using your special attacks or creating multiple hit combos.  This mode is actually a great addition if you use it your advantage.  Cause' now your friend can't keep using pika's electric shock over and over again.

Custom Rules Mode

I think the title kinda speaks for itself.  

But incase you can't figure it out.  CR mode lets you mess around with the damage ratios, handicaps, weaponry, and stage selection and save it to your digicard.

Tournament Mode

Well.  I can't really describe this mode cause i don't know much about it.


One of the biggest improvements to the game is the defense.  In the last installment you were only allowed to bring up a pitiful shield to protect yourself that quickly gave way.  Hal has added new evade, deflect, and block moves to protect yourself.  For instance, you could block a high kick with a punch or sidestep and make your opponent miss.  You could also deflect projectiles and send them back to the owner (that's gonna suck for the samus fans that live on his large blasts).

(mario's new projectile cape)


With improved graphics (some of the best seen yet on the gamecube) over the original, better gameplay, more moves, more characters, and more levels SSBM is looking to kick.  This game should be at the top of your holiday shopping list.

(this screen is actually from SSMB)







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