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Interview With Vyse

by 'cubemastr

(warning: You should go buy a Dreamcast and a copy of Skies of Arcadia to fully understand this Interview)


Well you see I was out in the skies on The Little Jack 2.  I'm not sure why but Drachma had decided to help me in my search for Aika.  With pencil and paper in hand I was going to find out the truth between her and Vyse.  Well all was going well until we reached Crescent Isle.  It seemed Aika was running some errands so I decided to talk to Vyse.

GamecubeMastr: So Vyse I heard you've finally become a hero.

Vyse: Well you know... i think i deserved it.

GM: Well since you're coming to the Gamecube what should we expect to be different?

Vyse: You know I'm hoping there's gonna be a graphical update.  

GM: Yes I see.

Vyse: ...

GM: Oh yeah.  So remember how in SOA for DC there weren't too many monster designs...

Vyse (buts in): Hey man there were lots of monsters.

GM: Well actually in each land of the moons the monsters just had different names and colors.

Vyse looks at me with a "Huh" look at his face

GM: Do you think that will change?

Vyse (takes out cutlass): What!?!?!  ...............  

I've been fighting the same monsters all along???!!!!!!!

GM: Ok, next question.  So do you have any details about SOA2?

Vyse:  Well not really cause Overworks WON'T EVEN TELL ME MY SCRIPT!!!

GM:  Sheesh calm down.  So is it really true you had a ponytail but then cut it off cause Aika didn't like it?

Vyse: You're really getting on my nerves.

GM: Are you and Aika together?


Well thanks for tuning in.  What... what did you say.  Oh well I never did find out the answer cause it seems Vyse easily gets pissed so he challenged me to a duel.  Well you know what they say, "The pencil is mightier than the Cutlass" so now Marco is scrubbing my floors.







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