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 Pikmin for Gamecube


Obviously one of the most original titles seen by Nintendo in a while, Pikmin will please those who have patience and are willing to get sucked into a phenomenon.  Half strategy and half breeding and raising the little critters.

(here they are. aren't they cute?)


In Pikmin you are a small little spaceman (name and race still unknown) who's spaceship has crash-landed on an alien earth.  You of course start finding some Pikmin who will obey your every whim (if only my dog was like that). Thanks to your trusty Pikmin whistle you can make them go around the planet and help collect the pieces of your ship that are scattered everywhere.  Seeing that the air on the planet is too poisonous to breath and it makes you feel weary they are your only way off this planet.

(you with your fellow Pikmin buddy)


Most people still aren't sure how Pikmin will play.  This is my theory on how the controls will work:

A button: Your Pikmin whistle

Left Control Stick: Controlling your character

Yellow Control Stick: Controlling a group of Pikmin or deciding their actions.

Other 3 buttons: Deciding the Pikmin's Actions.

Shoulder Buttons: ?

To first "gather" your Pikmin in the beginning you have to pluck them out of the ground. Either there's already a Pikmin nest or they have to build one (they probably have to build one as a tutorial to the game) because according to sources that is where they reproduce.  Of as now there are only 3 different kinds of Pikmin.  Red types, blue types, and yellow kinds.  You start with the reds, progress onto the blues and then onto the yellows.  To get to the next stage of a Pikmin you have to replant them and pluck them again when they're "ripe".  And of course what would a game be without bosses?


                                     (A boss)                                                      (another boss)

Who knows how the bosses will be defeated.  Maybe by attacking in swarms, devouring them bit by bit, who knows.  All I know about the bosses is that they can easily kill many of your Pikmin just by having a light snack.


This game definitely looks like it's gonna be boatload of fun. Raising and breeding little critters (please, Miyamoto, please don't make a pokemon imitation) and send them out to battle.  This game is going to steal many peoples life's and probably family members.                       

It will take a while to learn and master this weird kind of strategy game but it'll be worth it!







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