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NOVEMBER 30, 2001

EA has officially confirmed that the Harry Potter videogame will come out for the Gamecube sometime next year.  And also what's up with and only allowing insiders to ALL their dang previews and most of their media.  Whatever.

NOVEMBER 29, 2001

K.  I've sent a preview to all 100 participants (8 at a time to ensure they all went through) of our newsletter and they love it.  So sign up and enjoy what they did.

NOVEMBER 28, 2001

K. Check this out. Gamecube fastest selling console in history.

NOVEMBER 27, 2001

SSBM site also up and has some great interactive features.  Also check out this sweet Pikmin movie from the under construction pikmin site.

NOVEMBER 27, 2001

The newsletter coming around fine, so SIGN UP NOW!  And the official Wave Race: Blue Storm and Luigi's Mansion Official sites are both up and running with the Wave Race site containing loads of media and stuff.

NOVEMBER 26, 2001

Nintendo to ship 200,000 more gamecubes by the end of the year boosting their announced 1.1 million units to 1.3 million units.  This is due to the overwhelming launch day that let Gamecube become America's fastest selling new video-game hardware system.

NOVEMBER 24, 2001

Pikmin 2?  Pikmin 2!  Pikmin 2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

NOVEMBER 22, 2001

For all you peeps that tried signing up for the newsletter sorry it didn't work.  I only got 2 responses (thats because it's broken not becasue i'm unpopular with the site) so try it agian now with my custom made submission form (i didn't use no service).  You 2 that did get it i'll email you today and if you don't get an email try signing up again.

November 19, 2001

Sorry for no update.  Yesterday me and adam been kickin with the cube. #cough#-#cough#(heheheheheh) Rogue leader kicks ass. and remember you all please sign up for the newsletter. need at least 500 people (editors note: uh-huh) and it's gonna be sweet with identitycrisis addin some reviews.

NOVEMBER 14, 2001 (nite)

Well this month's (next months) issue will have the following articles.  By 'cubemastr XBOXvsGAMECUBE and a Pikmin Blowout.  By IDentity Crisis A SSBM Blowout and ___________.  By you?  REmember we're always for new staff members.  If you got the japanesecube great if not it doesn't matter.  just send a letter to 'cubemastr and I'll respond immediately.


NOVEMBER 14, 2001

So you've all been wondering what this newsletter things all about.  Well it's basically gonna be a monthly thing (although the next issue will be due around beginning of Feb.) brought to you by gamecubeelite, thats dedicated to bringin you hard-core Nintendo Gamecube news.  So everybody sign up for it now.  It'll be out in middle of next month.  Even more detail tommorow.



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NOVEMBER 13, 2001

Some people might call my past review a preview cause it's not out yet on the 'cube but in my opinion it's a review cause the games out on the DC and all.  and my little hint about the disk in the cd player, only works with DC version well that's all except the fact that sign up for our new newsletter. details tomorrow.

NOVEMBER 12, 2001

Sorry sorry.  I suck and rock.  Here's your awesome Skies of Arcadia reviewThis means new review section opened up.

warning: SOA review based on DC version of game

NOVEMBER 11, 2001

OHH OHH.  Got FrontPage 2002.  It's pretty sweet. Not the best.  But definitely better than 2000.  Look for lots of updates.  Like this!!!

NOVEMBER 9, 2001

New Media Section. New Rogue Leader Commercial.  

For some odd reason at school right outside my math class I saw a Luigi's mansion Poster on the wall and 2 on the floor.  Lucky for you i Picked those two up and I'll give you screens as soon as my digital camera gets fixed.  

NOVEMBER 7, 2001

Sorry no update but I had a huge science exam and gonna have a huge SS exam tomorrow. 

Bring it on?  Bring it on?

Well thanks to i'm gonna bring in a heck alot media into the site during the next week.  So no updates (maybe some) but check everyday in the new media section (i like the sound of that. sounds professional) for new movies.  Images will come later. Much later

THP3 launch game.WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!

NOVEMBER 4, 2001

Cubed out gamers win Nintendo gamecube and gaming cash.

NOVEMBER 3, 2001

Gamecube? XBox? PS2? Dreamcast?   Console War!?!?!

In other news 23 new SSBM levels.  Check them out here.

NOVEMBER 2, 2001

2 New staff members?  Actually I'd like to welcome lilcube to you all and i'm gonna get a namelift. 'cubemastr, baby.






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